Tuesday, 8 July 2008

nice day

pagi2 bangun astu ingt nak kena anta ma nanny to haemodialysis cnter kat hosptl perdana tapi tukar plan...ma auntie took over it ...so i just have to fetch her up je at 12..astu g beli lunch at ma fav nasi air stall...gosh..it just taste really really really good..u shud have a try...hee...sure naek berat banga lanaaa...TARGET:pakai kebaya di hari raya...hahaha..owh
hey YOU out there..maybe YOU can help me to figure this out...
(seriously tak tau if there is YOU...got me?..hee)
ok..tolong pilih mane agy best..

with spec:
~1.3 megapixels cam with no digital zoom
~colour pink die besh

or this one

which is

2 megapixel
pink die tak best langsung coz its more to peach
and wut i hate most is,...die nye pink ade yang brand at&t je...so takde sign walkman at the front tu..hate it
hee...function die better la..

so the conclusion is..i only comparing the colour...coz obviously the sony e is better..hahahha..tak kire..sile pilih and ne more thing i am more to design hp than the func hp...seriously..he..


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