Sunday, 10 August 2008

i m back!

heee...lame ilang..m off to kl...astu spent 2days kat hospital...jumpe ct scan n everything..bout ma migrain act..hee..and alhamdulillah ..i m ok..hee..astu bossan2 and rase nak bt suprise kat umi and ayah,..hee...konon2 jadi casa impian...eric tak maw tolong keee??..heee

ok abes cite kat kl...semalam birthday party najwa,ira's i baked some cupcakes for her...hee...and nie pun upload pixs cakes yang i baked dulu2.hee..saje kumpul2 balek..

and these pixs2 @ najwa's party semalam...ade games2 yang besh2..and paleng besh i won the treasure hunt game..hee..1st place..check these pix out

ok..itu aja ya for this post.ill be back..hee..everybody..pleae take care

have a great day,

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