Tuesday, 20 January 2009

oxymetazoline..yea ryte..

done with pharma..and the exam was...whatever...

sgt susaaaah occay..and today i realize how creative i am..know why?..

aku invent new drug to treat nasal congestion...OXYPRENONE...
ye2..saye tahu...mesty takde orng pernah dgr..there s no such drug on earth...even ko khatam buku pharma 10kali pun.xkan jumpa punye.
hahaha...sbb dah tak tahu sgt nak jwb ape...aku letak sajeee sesuka hati...
yang aku ingt ubt tue ade letter X...dah tak bleh nak recall name ape...so bantai saje...
and the correct one is OXYMETAZOLINE...
nak dekat same la tue kan?..kan?...ryte?..
owh...tak eyh?...
tak ke?..
ok tak..
lay the blame on me...

1 done and 3 more to go..

parasitology-22 jan
pathology -26 jan
microbiology-28 jan

ok..i gtg...
there are like heaps of parasit calling me to bermesra-mesraan
i think i better learn them by heart...or else...nnty exam ade pulak cacing aku bagi nama baru...

may u have a nice day,
nadiah wahab

*oxymetazoline and xylometazoline is an ephedrine nasal drops
- exert their effect by ++alpha 1 receptor and cause vasoconstriction of mucosal bl.vessel,in turn reduces the nasal oedema.
- may be absorbed systemically and produce hypertension effect
- may give rise to a rebound congestion on withdrawal~so use the minimal effective dose.
other example of ephedrine nasal decongestion-phenylpropronolamine-pseudoephidrine
(if there is any wrong point..correct me)

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