Saturday, 8 May 2010


i always ,always and always intended to write here...
like hundreds things came across my mind ..
tapi tak boleh cause no matter how free i am..
still tak boleh nak ddk dpn laptop and tulis entry smpi habes and publish..
drafts ade banyak gile..tapi tak habes tulis..
hee..u know me well i guess...

what did i do all this while? last entry in december and now it is already may 2010..
okayla2.baeklah2..bukan december..november..
tapi 29th november can be considered as december la tu kan??..don't be so hard on me....hee..

lecture 4th year dah habes ..YEAY2!!!!...
and final exam is coming..DAAA~~~!!..huhuhu
clinical year sgt best...this year dah start clinical round..

1st round ENT-which is i like the most,i guess...
2nd round COMMUNIY comment..
3rd round OPHTHAL-GREAT!! and saye rase department nie more systematic than others
4th round FORENSIC AND TOXIC-interesting!!saye SUKE!! feel2 CSI..hahaha..
baeklah sile faham tuan2 dan puan2 ..
CSI adalah hafal script dan make up cantek2..effect rambut terbang2..
then sejam dah bleh selesaikan case.
and i need to hafal BOOKSS!!!and notes..and terpuruk panas and selekeh di rumah..
hahahha...jadi no no no no..TAK SAME!!

rase mcm tipu siket2 kan..?.. HOW FAST TIME FLIES...
BEST!!..i am enjoying each and every moment..
bukan memang mase sekolah dulu2 kite memang dok tunggu saat2 umur mcm nie ke?..
ke aku je?
saat2 umur yang boleh ckp psl kawen..huhu.okay fullstop.

tapi bile dah semakin besar nie..
eyh2 besar as in MATANG OKAY!!..we treat and digest thing differently ...kan??
ke aku je yang rase?
like i tend to appreciate people i am more resist to everything especially WORDS!!..
like i am dare to i am more brave to move on..

and i love my changes...because life is always full of surprises..
u love surprises, don't you? least i do..but WE LIE..we love surprises that we want...and the one that we don't want we call it UNFORTUNATE..we call it PROBLEM..
yeah i know thing doesn't always seems so right kan?..
..but we are wrong people...yes WE WRONG!!...
there is NO WAY thing that had happened was wrong...
because Allah knows what is the BEST for it all over again..THE BEST.
yes not only the thing that is RIGHT yet, THE BEST BEAUTIFUL is that...
and being RIGHT and the BEST is totally different ..kan?
so then, how dare we dispute His works ..
please,just don't dear...
Semoga Allah xbiar kitw buat keputusan sendirian without HIm..
even for a second of our life..takut sgt kan..
can u imagine how horrible things can be

Rase mcm how I went through my fourth year adalah way tooooooo far dari first year dulu..
and I mean in a good way..
bnyak yang lain.maybe jadi more familiar ngan egypt and egyptian.
eyh but still! I can't stand hon yang panjang dan echo tu okay..
maybe jugak sbb system kat university pun dah jadi more systematic.sbb I have friends yang sgt sabar layan I..and I have PUTERIs..
OWh! or maybe sbb ade restaurant indon yang best.
nak feel2 dok jogja ke bandung ke bisa2.haha..
this is the art of your life can turn upside down from just being a plain hard black seed today then become a lovely beauteous blooming flower on the next day .
kalau u always expect a perfect life I guess u don't live in LIFE for real..
but u live in DREAM..wake up!

Still with love,


mohd hanif said...

selamat berexam & ber"mumtaz" taun ni.. insyaallah

study smpai xingt blog..haha

tusyen la, kuliah gamaah la,& smuanya

so, mengharapkn yg terbaik utk semua tahun ni & tahun 2 mendatang

all the best for nadiah & all classmates

nadiahwahab said...

okay thank you!!!!!..huhu..good luck to you too...doakan semua hurm!