Monday, 9 March 2009

i m a lady

salam people..m egypttt...whoaaa.back to my routine life...

i s like every girl ever heard "act as a lady"...did u?

when i was a little girl...i never thought that one day i would be a lady as today and a woman,tomorrow...all that i had imagined is..
-wake up every morning with a smile..
-pick dress from my wardrobe which packed tightly with branded,splendid,PINK clothes..
-get in my OWN car..
-back from hospital(sbb mase nie dah berangan nak jadi doctor)..
-bake my fav cake or pie or wutever..
-and go to sleep with a big smileee AGAIIN..
i imagined i wud have a GREAT day EVERYDAY.GREAT career.BEAUTIFUL and BIG house....GREAT love story..GREAT life..PERFECT hurm?..
but it never happen that way..BEING a LADY never been that easy..because the biggest decision that u have to make is not "nak maen masak2 or nak maen cikgu2?" ANYMOREEE..its " what do i have to cook for today" later it wud be "how much loan do i have to apply for the house" me?...
and reading HOW TO BE A LADY? article sometimes doesnt help u at all..

WAIITT...don't get me wrong...I HAVE A GREAT life now..its just sometimes there s day when i feel everything goes wrong and nothing goes right...there is tyme when there is so much pain around..and there is time when my heart bleed..there may be day when u feel like nobody understand u..
YESS it happen to happen to us...


as a i can talk to umi as we are friends..and we talk about everything..its just AWESOME..and now ayah can talk to me about my CAREER...hows that?..i can lepak with my aunty...i have days when i can sit with my LADYFRIENDS and gossiP!! more PUPPY more PHEWWIT whistle from mamat2 yang tgh lepak when i pass by them(ke aku dah TAK LAKU ??) more more "kirimsalam2" thing.....and NOW i can put the tittle MIsS or CIK in the flight booking form...heee..

so i guess more or less it heals the hard part....

pretty hard from what i had imagine hurm??..

and being a LADY ...sometimes i feel i need time to be ALONE!!

i think it wud be fun if u can share ur GIRL,LADY, and WOMEN transformation..sounds fun right? feel free to do so..

remember me this way,
nadiah wahab

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