Monday, 30 March 2009

it has been a while

..yes it HAS.
sorry people…hee…but I am too busy with my finals 3RD YEAR FINAL will be on 18th of april and I only have 3 weeks left..
3 WEEKS!?????.

.OMG.i am SO SO SO DEAD..and at this moment my ‘to do list’ Is VERY VERY huge and long…and it is even longer than my shopping receipt at WIKALAH…(wikalah=hypermarket..actually I m not sure it is HYPER or HYPOmarket..hiks)..YES.,i need a ‘to do’ list..and a ‘to do’ list doesn’t have to be neatly and beautifully written complete with a small tick box right?..Cause mine ain’t…u should have one too cause it EXTREMELY works

GOSH…there is so much things need to be done but so little time left…and adrenaline rush kinda make it worse..i have tachycardia and my BP is 140/90……owh please2..i guess I am BADLY in need of barbiturates now..and I mean in HIGH dose..

i ve went trough this during my 1st and 2and year..but this time is waaaaaayyyyyyy CRAZIEEERRR
SeRIOUSLY 3rd year medical school is killing me!!..
tons of drug in pharmacology is stabbing me.,
thousands of bacteria virus fungi and whatever microbes behead me
pathology is paralysing me
hundred of worm fleas n mosquito n parasites incise me
but i m not gonna let this happens to me...

I need to organize myself…...

1. Niat..yes reset niatin case u mistakenly set ur niat ….everything i do is for the sake of Allah Decide why you want to do it. Nobody ever really enjoy doing something because they 'should' or they 'have to'.. so Find the honest reason for doing the task

2. Starts with my ‘to do’ list …and please! not list down thing beyond your ability..i mean SET YOUR LIMIT
And take menial tasks away from busy people like YOU such as organising you laundry, this gives busy people more time to be... well...BUSY..and here I mean GET TO KNOW your PRIORITY.

3. Stress is synonymous with medical way to dodge from it right?.,so try to "use" stress...If you can't remedy, nor escape from, what is bothering you, flow with it.for example..munch while you are study helps u to reduce ur just least u can safe your time for lunch...and stress actually can causes more glucose to be delivered to the brain, which makes more energy available to neurons. This, in turn, enhances memory formation...ryte?..hee...please....cope with your stress...or else u gonna be like this

so i guess let start it from NOW!!!..beacause it s never too late for you to start.except your are afraid to

i'll be back with "how to make ur study more fun?".....sounds redicilous huh!!...but hell can be fun...

talk to you soon,

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