Wednesday, 20 May 2009

tons of sorry..!!

.huh!!!...sorry for the long i miss to blog..(xpercaya?..)..really i do..hee...first i m so so so so DAMN busy with my final exam...and 2nd umah takde internet..since..since...since like pun dpt wireless kat bilik wani(my housemate) mane punye ntah

m done with my fisrt paper..and its pharma...the most dreadful paper i ve ever sit for...
11/5/09-writting paper 1
12/5/09-writting paper 2

huh!..huh!..huh!..3writting paper in a row..ya amppuuunn bisa jadi gilaaa guee....and i suffered from dyspnea...tachypnea...tachycardia...hyperglycaemia...hyperlipidemia..opps.....
CORRECTION!!..all are correct except the last one..HAHA
the 1st and 2nd paper ...arghhh!!...the question wasnt SO HARD...but 5 essay questions with 15 marks each and every question needs 3 pages to answer ONLY FOR 2HOURS?....come on la weeeeyyy....50 soalan objective SPM pun bagi 1 1/2 jam..ok2...tapi kalau die bagi 5 jam pun takde la aku akan dpt full marks...(sbb dulu selalu ckg add math aku marah kalau bagi alasan tak cukup masa kalau tak dpt A1..die ckp "NAPE KALAU BAGI KO 3 JAM KO BLEH DPT 100??..ammmek ko!!)...BUT STILL i need more than 2 hours at least..
after the first paper..i was like...dowwnnn gileee...balek umah..i just lay down on wani's bed(sbb katil aku takde ruang dah nak tido..bukan bersepah..cume kurang kemas)...takdek semangat langsung nak study for the next paper...FRUST..FRUST gile..
and smpi after asar..i try hardly to hold my tears...sbb kalau nanges susah nak berhenti..nnty terus migraine..and then suddenly ..i fikir...
where are all my tawakal gone?...yes...whre are they...??...i shouldnt just sit and regret and in the end i got nothing ...cause verily I have put my trust in doubt...MY BAD hurm..all i can do is berusaha...and doa is a part of berusaha...tawakkal is a part of berusah..and leave the rest on ALLAH... thing i want to share with u.....
One day Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, noticed a man leaving his camel without tying it. He asked the man, "Why don't you tie down your camel?" and the man answered, "I put my trust in Allah." The Prophet then said, "Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah."
means that don't ever say aku bertawakkal if u wake up at 8.50a.m after 10 hours "gaining energy" and sit for ur exam at 9.00a.m..itu bukan tawakkal..itu adalah NGOKNGEK.

biarlah paper yang sudah lepas and for now..i tgh prepare for the next paper...(padahal tgh update blog)
25/5/09-parasitology writting paper
26/05/09-parasitology oral

paper ini adalah berkenaan how many legs does kutu kat atas ur kepala possess...hurm...hee,,,wish me luck...and pray for me and my friends too..

and the MOST IMPORTANT thing that i want to announce is that i am giving myself permission to never, ever make a promise to make an entry again..dulu pernah promised nak masukkan gambar kat dubai..TAPI...HARAAAmMm..habuk pun takde..i ve promised u to make an entry about how to make study fun and again i cant make it..huh!!...because i have no tyme...seriouss..sorryy2..and sorry..and sorry dear readers(kalau ade readers la) thats it..NO MORE PROMISES.

so..i wanna wish GOOD LUCK to all the malaysian medical student mansoura university..esp 3rd year n my friend kt 2nd year..and I always pray that insyaAllah..ALLAH is there in every step of our way...

with thousands of love,


anakpolis said...


btolke apa yang awk post ni??sukar utk daku percayai je ni..huhuhu

xpe2..yg lepas tetap lepas..kite tawakal la je ek..yg mendatang ni kte kena skor same2 yep!!caiyuukk utk sume~

oh ye,tq kerana sudi mengenlink blog kamu sudah dilinkkn jua..
(microb pnye yuran perlu dibayar ni.tggu neh!)

Nadiahwahab said...

Hee.makaseh..tu la..
move to the next paper plak..
Saje link2 member2 mansoura..rancak berblog nampak blakow..huk2..
Ingt yuran microb la pulok.huk2..bdak2 yt dpt duit juta2 doh tu..bkn stkt bleh byr microb..blnje batch pun bleh..huh!
K.Gud luck to u too n to all

izzati.abdullah said...

tawakalna 'ala Allah..rabbuna najahna..
kalu bab belanje kena suruh akem r..dulu jutawan..skrg da jd billionaire..hehe..
after one n half month tunggu entry dia..dapat jugak bace!=)